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Multilingual version
In a few days, the new version with improvements and interface language change support will be available!


Finally NetSurfer Browser III is available for downloading from this and other web sites.

NetSurfer Browser III

At last NetSurfer Browser's Web site is ready! NetSurfer Browser is an Internet Browser which makes your Internet 'travels' easier since it's enhanced with many features that you won't find in other browsers. Actually is has what all others have and even more.

This version of NetSurfer includes among others: the latest bookmarking system which can read your bookmarks from other browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape are currently supported), an advanced bookmark editor that can encrypt, print bookmarks, convert the bookmark file into simple HTML, display your comments for each bookmark and more, a new WebInfo panel which provides you with all the information you need while netsurfing, a MiniSurfer which allows you to open a small browser inside the page you are viewing(browser in browser technology!), built-in web page translation options and instant messaging to ICQ network users and many more features that you will soon find out!

A detailed list of the new NetSurfer Browser's features is available here.

NetSurfer Browser is freeware, so you can get it without paying any fees. The lastest version which was published two years ago was version 2.5.208 (Named "NetSurfer2000"). A lot of changes and improvements have been made since then, that's why this is version 3.0. The first version of NetSurfer Browser was created arround 1995(!) but never published.

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